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In this article, I will list everything you need to know about travelling to Mongolia based on my experience. If you are not really sure what to see in Mongolia, read our Mongolia guide for more information. For those considering a trip to Mongolia, below are some tips on how to travel to Mongolia alone, including the best places to stay, which tour operators to use and how to get around.

If you have a good local guide, you will probably visit some nomadic shepherds on your journey. If you are looking for a good price, you will find all kinds of accommodation in Mongolia.

Plan your trip to Mongolia and stay overnight in a Mongolian ger camp and experience a night ger (Mongolian camp). No trip to Mongolia would be complete without a traditional tent that gives you the feeling of staying in a ger or camp.

Mongolia is a explorer's dream with its beautiful mountains, beautiful scenery, amazing food and culture and unique culture.

Travelers to Mongolia should plan and research bucket lists in advance to take advantage of the many opportunities that only the country offers. The reverence for inspiring landscapes, amazing food and culture, and amazing culture are just a few of the reasons why adventurous travelers choose to visit Mongolia. If you are looking for local tour operators in Mongolia, Germany is one of the best travel agencies in Mongolia and is certified as NatGeo ambassador for geotourism. The excursions they offer on site will always provide you with the most visited and essential destinations - look at destinations and make your trip as easy as possible.

It takes about 12 days until you leave Ulaanbaatar and you will forget to spend time at all the major attractions. Mongolian customs and traditions are an eye-opener and are definitely recommended for one of the best Mongolian tour operators. You should visit Mongolia to experience the real Mongolia independently on your tour, because the landscape is so different from the capital.

Upon arrival, you will visit Genghis Khan Square and enjoy the atmosphere of the political centre of Mongolia. Only when one discovers all the sights of Mongolia, one really understands what this nomadic country has to offer. Beyond the capital, there are places where you can really experience the hospitality of the Mongols away from Mongolian tourism.

The Intrepid Mongolia tour lasts 15 days to 23 days and includes the opportunity to visit ancient sites, live with nomadic families and experience Mongolia as a nomadic life. The Trans-Mongolian Express starts in St. Petersburg and ends in Beijing. A trip to Mongolia can range from the experience of the wilderness of the West in a two-week trip for 2,597hp to the experience of Mongolia with nomadic life in an eight-day trip from London to Beijing for a total of 1,895hp.

Follow in the footsteps of Genghis Khan and experience the past in the National Museum or follow in the footsteps of Marco Polo by visiting the ancient capital of the Mongolian Empire, Karakoram. The following are available: Terelj, Tunguskaq, Ulaanbaatar, Gobi, Khotan, Khatun, Chukotka and Tsegaye.

Trans-Mongolian trains arrive from Moscow to Beijing and stop at Terelj, Tunguskaq, Ulan Bator, Gobi, Khotan, Khatun, Chukotka and Tsegaye. If you are traveling to Mongolia, you can fly from any of the major international airports in the United States, but chances are you will arrive in UloaBatar. If you are flying from Mongolia and you are flying to an important airport such as Moscow Airport, most flights in Mongolia will not arrive until the next day. Chances are that you will arrive at the end of your flight at least two hours after you arrive in Ullin, the capital, and perhaps even earlier.

You can fly into the country and take the Trans-Mongolian Railway to Beijing, which takes 36 hours, but if you have a transit visa, you can board and explore Mongolia until you get to the next Trans-Mongolian train that arrives. Tourists can also travel to Mongolia by train, but they must change trains from China or Russia. If you are on a transit visa, you can get off the train in UloaBatar, Ullin or Ulan Bator and return to Mongolia on the other side of the border.

If you are travelling from China to Mongolia and planning to transit from China or Mongolia, you must meet the Chinese entry and exit requirements before crossing the border. Remember that if you want to obtain a Mongolian visa on arrival, you must enter the country through the UloaBatar border crossing, as described in Erlian.

Mongolian tour operators and tour operators who travel here independently or if you want to experience Mongolian culture, see the section group tours below. Mongolia is a huge country, and reaching Mongolia can be a challenge, depending on where you want to go. Northern Mongolia is the most convenient place to visit, as it is relatively easy to get there after visiting Central Mongolia, but there are many other interesting countries to visit, such as the South East China Sea and the Far East. If you like challenges and are inspired to visit Mongolia (which you should be), learn more about how to get a Mongolian visa here. Forget Mongolia; it is an interesting country to visit, with many interesting destinations and many sights and experiences, especially for those of us who like challenges.

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